Social * + digital entrepreneurship

Floe puts digital innovation at the service of entrepreneurial projects related to global health, sustainable development, and culture.

With extensive experience in digital transformation, coupled with solid legal expertise, we support you in your small, medium or large-scale innovation projects. We can also take care of the direction of your products.

Floe is a Norwegian word for floating ices. They can join together to form sturdy platforms. Seasoned explorers trace their way through it with skill and agility.

By intervening from the design and conception phase of your projects, we assist you in anticipating obstacles and maximizing your impact. We can also intervene on a punctual basis, with agility at different stages of the development cycle of your products.

* Our common goal: to create long-term value for society and the environment, while generating income and profit for the organization.

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© Photo Bernard Voyer, explorer