Yves Lapierre

Digital technologies and AI

Yves Lapierre cofounded Floe (née VDL2) in 1994, building it up to be one of the leading interactive agencies in Québec with a team of more than fifty people involved in the creation of large scale projects. He has led multiple projects for large organizations both in Canada and abroad (VIA Rail, Bell RDS, CDPQ, TV5, City of New York…) Up to 2017, he led a team who deliver for over twenty million dollars of digital projects. This endeavour R & D. In 2014 He founded and developed Qi Sports an advance analytical platform for the sports industry.

Educated as an attorney in international commerce in management and in AI, he has a strong experience in digital transformation. He has worked in various fields such as entertainment, media and e-commerce.

Building companies from the ground up, he has played a central role in the conception data distribution platform and mobile devices. He has a solid expertise in innovation strategy, business intelligence, partnerships and business law.

Examples of Achievements

Qi Sports technologies

Qi Sports has developed a platform of social engagements connecting sports fans on a global scale. A tool for analyzing and predicting behavior is at the heart of Qi proprietary technology. Games and eSports serve as a gateway and the platform allows engagement in a full-fledged social network where sports fans share their passion.

Role: CEO and founder (2014-2019) Chairman of the Board

I led the start-up from the initial idea to the market launch.


  • Creation of the company and development of a team
  • Leading the evolution of the product according to the data analysis
  • Evaluation of legal and ethical issues
  • Market analysis
  • Development of business model and strategy
  • Ensuring project financing (2.6 million Canadian)
  • Developing partnerships for market launch
  • Establishing of an advisory committee and follow-up with partners

Floe Design et Technologies (ex VDL2)

As founder and leader, I have had the opportunity to contribute to a large number of critical projects in IT. Here are a few:

Medidata (2014-2016)

This New York-based firm transforms the way clinical trials are conducted, significantly improving all aspects of data collection and analysis. The company has grown steadily, with revenues of more than US $300 million. The fast-growing company called upon us for the creation of a brand new web platform worthy of an industry leader on the leading edge of science and technology.


  • Negotiating commercial agreements
  • Set-up of the external web team and the network of collaborators

AMA (2013 – 2017)

The World Anti­Doping Agency is the spearhead of the international antidoping fight. WADA chose Floe to help establish its presence on the Web. We create a new site that better reflects the history of the organization and that better serves the needs of its customers: athletes, students, coaches, government laboratories and agencies.


  • Set-up of the external web team in order to ensure safe and secure operations in a sensitive environment
  • Participated in the defining of a strategic approach

Via Rail Canada (1995-2012)

From 1995 to 2012, the VIA Rail Canada Crown Corporation entrusted us with its Internet strategy, interactive marketing and transactional e-commerce activities.

We started in 1996 with an experimental e-ticket sales project that generated annual revenues in the order of $ 20,000 in the first year to reach online sales in excess of $ 200 million. We have set up and managed a high availability hosting infrastructure for Via Rail.

We are proud to have helped make Via the very first passenger transport company to have embraced e-commerce on the web, even before giants such as Amtrak and SNCF.


  • Participating in the definition of interactive strategies
  • Performing monitoring and market analysis
  • Negotiating commercial agreements
  • Preparing agency offers of service (NAFTA)
  • Performing market analysis
  • Acting as the ultimate respondent to Via Rail for the website operations
  • Supervising a team responsible for security and operations

Bell RDS (1996-2013)

We participated in the creation of a media site that has more than a million unique visitors per month and 200,000 articles, updated 24/7. During the years of our collaboration, RDS was able to capture 89% of the French-language sports information market on the Web in Canada with the RDS.ca site. After having contributed to this success by supporting RDS from its first actions on the internet, we created the Grand Club, a social network specialized in sport with more than 500,000 members, a first of its kind.


  • Taking into account the needs of the media teams and assisting them for innovation
  • Participating in the definition of interactive strategies
  • Performing a competitive intelligence and market analysis
  • Negotiating trade agreements
  • Supervising the team responsible for security and operations

Join the Wave (2009)

Popular fervor for the election of US President Barack Obama served as the foundation for our campaign for the Pixman mobile video advertising network. Conceived in just three weeks from an idea by Daniel Langlois, the Join the Wave campaign was a celebration of the inauguration of the new US president through video messages from anonymous people around the world. A video featuring the best stories was presented to President Obama during his official visit to Ottawa on February 19, 2009. Backed by a massive social media campaign, our microsite demonstrated the impact of the network by collecting more than 500 video clips viewed by 125,000 Internet users at the very beginnings of internet sharing.

The originality of our campaign also allowed Pixman to enjoy significant media coverage.


  • Executive producer, microsite and social campaign

BixAR (2009)

In the spring of 2009, the City of Montreal launched Bixi. Originally, the managing of Bixi bikes was more difficult than initially thought. In fact, several users were struggling to find bikes or vacant places. It was necessary to create and develop a mobile application that would make life easier for Bixi users. Our internal innovation lab has found a way to combine mobility and augmented reality to solve the problem in a very innovative approach in 2009, when AR was only just emerging/in its infancy. We designed and developed an AR layer that could integrate with the three most popular mobile augmented reality platforms at the time, namely Layar, Wikitude and Junaio, allowing us to reach most smartphone users. Named BixAR, this precursor project made it possible to visualize the location of the Bixi stations around the users and to display the distance to which they are located.


  • Establishment of the internal innovation Lab

Education and Certification


MIT Sloan School of Management
Certificate, Artificial Intelligence : Implication for Business Strategy


HEC Montreal
Certificate in Management of Creativity
In association with Universitat of Barcelona


Université de Paris 2 – Panthéon Assas
Master’s, Security and Defence


Université de Paris 2 – Assas
Master’s in International Law


University of Ottawa
Bachelor’s in Law