Privacy and personal data management policy

1. Objective

This policy concerns data collected directly or indirectly by Floe in the course of its activities. Its aim is to allow any user, client or business partner to know clearly and precisely the methods of processing the data collected about them.

2. General principle

Floe does not collect any personal information about you unless you decide, in your sole discretion, to provide it voluntarily.

3. Definitions :

  • Personal information: information which concerns a natural person and which allows them to be identified directly or indirectly.
  • Non-personal information: any other data that does not meet the definition of personal information.
  • Sensitive personal information: personal information is considered sensitive when, by its nature, particularly medical, biometric or otherwise intimate, or by reason of the context of its use or communication, it gives rise to a high degree of reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • Responsible for the protection of personal information: person designated in this capacity by Floe to comply with the law regarding personal information.
  • User, or data contributor: any person who transfers personal or non-personal information, or rights over such personal or non-personal information to Floe.

4. Nature of data collected

The data that may be collected by Floe are:

  1. Non-personal information. This is data that you send to us explicitly by submitting a form that you have completed on our site or that of a partner who transmits it to us and which is kept anonymous, with no information allowing you to be identified. not being requested or retained.
  2. Personal information. This is data allowing you to be identified that you send to us explicitly by submitting a form that you have completed on our site or that of a partner who has sent it to us, or to establish a contractual relationship. or a partnership. This is then personal information. In this case, it will be clearly indicated the reasons for collecting personal information as well as the methods of protection and conservation of this data.
  3. Data that is automatically collected by third-party tools when viewing our website or your digital interactions with Floe (e.g. website management system, email sending system). The method of managing this data is described in detail in paragraph 9 hereof.

These three types of data are in no way linked.

5. Person responsible for personal data

The person designated as responsible for personal information for Floe is Me Yves Lapierre. He can be contacted at the following address:

6. Floe’s Use of Personal Information

Personal information collected by Floe is not disclosed to anyone other than its employees, its collaborators, or persons whose work is necessary to carry out the purposes for which the personal information was explicitly collected. They will only be shared with them to the extent that they need them to perform a function related to the accomplishment of the stated objective.

Floe ensures that all people who have access to this information are bound by confidentiality agreements which commit them to respecting the principles of this charter.

7. Access to your personal information

You can access the personal information you have provided to Floe and request that it be updated, as well as request that certain information or data that Floe has collected be modified or deleted, by sending an email to

In this case, you may be asked to provide an appropriate piece of identification. We will process access or modify requests in accordance with Applicable Law. We will do our best to respond to you within a reasonable time, taking into account the nature of your request.

8. Retention of personal information

Floe applies adequate security measures to ensure the protection of personal information if such data is collected.

Floe uses encryption and authentication management methods, tools and programs to protect certain personal information that it maintains or may retain on its computer systems.

The personal information collected will only be kept for the duration necessary to achieve the purposes for which the personal information was explicitly collected or, where applicable, for the duration provided for by law. They will be destroyed later.

9. Data collected automatically on the web

You are free to access and use this website without collecting personal information and without disclosing your identity.

When viewing any website, however, an exchange of basic information takes place automatically between that website and the device you use to access that website. This exchange allows the website manager to obtain various pieces of information:

  • the name of the Internet domain you used to access the Website,your IP address (IP stands for "Internet Protocol", a unique number assigned to your computer or other device when connected to the Internet and which allows wireless routing error the documents to their recipient),
  • the type of browser and operating system you use to access the website,
  • the date and time you accessed the website, the pages you visited
  • if you reached the Website from another site, the name and address (URL) of that Website and the question (if any) that you entered into a search engine and which prompted you to the site; and any other information about your navigation path.

This information is necessary to ensure the proper functioning and security of our website.

10. Additional information collected on the web via cookie files.

Floe does not use any additional cookies other than those technically necessary for the normal functioning of any website.

11. Unsolicited sending of personal information

Floe does not wish to receive personal or confidential information through their website or by email outside the framework specifically provided for this purpose, that is to say through an agreement, a secure form or web page designed for this purpose or upon expressed request from them.

All information or other documents that you may send to it outside of such a specific framework will be considered non-confidential.

12. Email exchange with Floe

You acknowledge and agree that emails you send to Floe are not necessarily protected before arriving on its servers. The confidentiality of the information thus transmitted cannot be ensured before being actually received on Floe's servers.

In the event that Floe specifically asks you to transmit information of a personal or confidential nature, the information once received, will be managed and stored securely.

13. Applicable laws

This act, its interpretation, its execution, its application, its validity and its effects are subject to the applicable laws which are in force in Quebec, Canada, in the judicial district of Montreal.

14. Disclosures Required by Law

You agree and acknowledge that Floe is also authorized to use, disclose or communicate your personal information to the extent provided or required by law, including pursuant to court orders.

15. Limitation of liability

Floe undertakes to take all reasonable means to ensure an adequate level of confidentiality and security of personal information. In the event that a cyberattack or incident that presents a high risk to your rights occurs, you will be notified of this violation as soon as possible and Floe will take the necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality and security of your Personal Information.

Despite the above, you declare that you understand and acknowledge that no computer system offers absolute security and that some risk is always present when transmitting Personal Information via the Internet.

You therefore accept that Floe cannot be held responsible for any violation of confidentiality, hacking, viruses, loss, theft, misuse or alteration of Personal Information transmitted or hosted on our systems or those of a third party.

You also declare that you waive any claim in this regard, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Floe. Consequently, you agree to release Floe, its administrators, related persons and partners from any liability for any damage of any nature whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential in connection with the use of your Personal information.

16. Changes to this Policy

Floe reserves the right to make changes to this Policy at any time. Any such changes will be posted on our websites and will be effective immediately upon posting.