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Cooke Optics

Services provided

  • Content strategy
  • User experience (UX)
  • Art direction
  • Responsive design

Cooke Optics has been at the heart of film production for 125 years.

2012 – 2013. Their factory in Leicester, England, produces a full line of camera lenses, among the best in the world. They brought classic film quality and feel to digital formats, and now the market is expanding worldwide.

We redesigned their website to clearly present their products and their brand. The challenge: Finding the delicate balance between tradition and modernity.

The result is an elegant design with the distinctive colours of the famous Cooke lenses, with their smooth black barrels and gold calibration marks engraved by hand , along with a presentation of the products, of the history and the role of Cooke in cinema history, all with an easy-to-grasp navigation that encourages exploration.