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Mordu de la Pêche / Fishing Adventurer / Wild Catch

Services provided

  • Multiplatform strategy
  • Social and acquisition strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Content strategy
  • User experience (UX)
  • Art direction
  • Responsive design
  • Development
  • Mobile development
  • WordPress
  • QA and operations

2013 – Today. We are proud of the digital assets we have developed to propel the English and French brands of Fishing Adventurer: two websites (English and French) and a mobile application. In addition, our strategy for social networks and multiplatform storytelling has paid off, as the community has grown from just under 50,000 fans in July 2013 to more than 130,000 in spring 2015.

Our teams have worked on various stages of development and production, and we worked to win investments from two funds for convergent media (the Bell Fund and the Quebecor Fund). We continue to drive the evolution of the digital ecosystem by establishing a 360-degree strategy, including monetization models, increased socialization and content generated by users.