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Services provided

  • Content strategy
  • Commercialisation strategy
  • User experience (UX)
  • Art direction
  • Responsive design
  • Integration
  • QA

2014 – 2017. When the folks at QMI approached us, the TVA specialized sports TV channel had just obtained the broadcast rights for games of the iconic Montreal hockey team, the Canadiens. As a result, they wanted to create a new hockey pool to further assert their place in the market. The challenge for us was to accompany a new player in an already saturated market.

Working with people from Pool Expert, who provided the back-end expertise and algorithms, we defined the information architecture, content strategy, user experience and artistic direction. We gamified the usual pool experience to make the new product more attractive to young fans. In addition, the platform has been designed to adapt to different sponsors and to all types and sizes of screens. We also did integration and QA while ensuring monitoring with teams from Pool Expert and QMI.

When Quebec’s favorite team made the playoffs in 2015, we moved the pool into Stanley Cup mode and revamped the design while adding new features.